Children, have you discovered your talent yet?

Hi, my name is Apio Joseline. lam 13 years old, l study at London College of St. Lawrence Schools and Colleges. I love to do so many things that some of you might already know but today, l would like to talk about Talent and children because it speaks to my heart. Well, many people have their own ways they understand Talent, but this is how l can explain it in my own understanding. Talent is a God given natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught OR a person or people with natural skill or ability. There are so many examples of talent like, singing, dancing, acting, poetry, etc. As for me, my talent is acting. I love acting so much because there is a way it makes me feel at ease when I am doing it. What about you? Is there that thing that when you do it, you feel very comfortable and it gives you joy? Many children in the world are born with many different talents but it is the way we use these talents that matters. Doing easily what others find difficult is talent, doing what is impossible with talent is genius. So many people in the world come with extraordinary talents to show case them and other people like it and show them support. Let me tell you about some very good advantages that you get when you begin to develop your talent. Talent helps people express their love and passion for what they are doing. On my side, Talent has helped me open and be confident when speaking to both children and adults, sometimes in big gatherings. I have also participated in competitions both in school and outside school. Some children have won themselves big awards and others get education scholarships because of talent. These are just but a few. In my next writing, I will be telling you about some children who have won big things and become very famous because of talent so make sure not to miss your next issue of this magazine. The other thing that I know is that parents always play a big role in helping us children identify and develop our talents. Unfortunately, in Uganda, most parents have been known to discourage their children from doing anything which sometimes makes children freak out thus making parents unaware of their talents. This is not good, and it makes children shy. And yet when children are given a platform to show case their talents, they will be more open to the world which will make them confident. Parents a word of advice, care more about your children and give them a chance to express how they feel about something. In that way, you can share a special connection with your children. Talent is a very useful thing in this world and if we take it seriously, we can make a future for us. We the children can rest assured that we will not be judged by our looks but of what we can do. So here is the question again: Have you discovered your talent? Thank you so much and may God bless whoever appreciates their talent.

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