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Government is considering waving taxes off equipment used by persons with disabilities. The permanent secretary in the ministry of information, communication technology, Vincent Bagiire says his ministry is already in talks with that of finance to free these gadgets of taxes for easy access by persons with disabilities. Mr. Bagiire was speaking at a workshop on Digital accessibility for persons with disabilities in Uganda organized by the Collaboration on international ICT policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA). He says access to internet by persons with disabilities is still a challenge because of the software ad gadgets involved calling for concerted effort from all players if this is to be a success. “We are also still lobbying for the necessary budget to get equipment in schools so that we can help children with disabilities at O and A level” According to a report by CIPESA, Many persons with disabilities find it hard to access internet and other services because the gadgets used are not user friendly to them. This includes mobile phones, mobile money, ATM machine usage and the internet in general. The executive Director of the Uganda society for disabled children, Dolorence Were says Uganda has good laws but implementation remains a challenge. She says many schools cannot take on children with disabilities because their teachers lack skills to train such children and this keeps them away.