Meet Joshua, the young reporter who wants to be an engineer

Born on 3rd December 2005, 14 years old Joshua Muraya is one of the seven young reporters selected by UNICEF in Africa for the Young Reporters media Conference that took place today. Joshua is also a fellow with High Sound for Children Media clubs in Schools Project meant to build the confidence of children to speak out on issues that affect them But how did Joshua get to where he is today? “My motivation in life are my parents since they do a lot for me. It pushes me on to work harder so that when I grow up, I can take care of them as they took care of me”. Right from home, Joshua who is in senior two at Seeta High School is an obedient child but also strict on what he wants. “Most of my time Am in boarding school but during holidays, I like helping my mother with her work which she then pays me for because she encourages me that nothing in the world is for free and you have to work for it”. But what inspired Joshua to start writing? “My mother inspired me to start writing articles since I saw her articles always appearing in newspapers. So I started by writing her small notes. Then she brought up the idea of publishing my articles in the rainbow magazine. I then started writing in the rainbow magazine and even became the rainbow magazine ambassador”. Despite the limited time he has, Joshua continues to write and his mum has been very supportive. “My parents support me by encouraging me to keep on writing and help me publish them in the magazine since my mother works at Monitor Publications Limited” Joshua may be a writer but that’s not his dream. “My dream in life is to become a software engineer”. Joshua’s Mother, Ms Catherine Ageno says Joshua’s passion about writing started early. “Joshua exhibited love for writing at a very early age when he wrote simple notes with loving and touching messages and left them on my pillow. As he grew older he started writing about anything from the sun, the sky, the weather, his love for wild animals etc. I saw the potential as a budding writer so I introduced him to the Rainbow magazine editor of Daily Monitor” Joshua’s love for writing earned him a leadership role while at his primary school. “Through his writing he became the Magazine's ambassador at Silver Spoon P/S. I since encouraged him to read widely to improve his command of the English language.” She did not stop here, Ms Ageno continues to support Joshua up to now when he inspires children through High Sound for Children Media Club. “So every term I buy him at least one book and during holidays we have a family reading hour every Saturday when everyone in the house picks a book from the shelf. As High Sound for Children, we send flowers to Joshua and his parents.

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