The relationship between parents and children during this lockdown

The corona virus pandemic has brought about negative and positive effects, like closure of schools, workplaces, and many other companies ever since the month of March in Uganda. This lockdown has led to confinement of children at home with their parents or guardians and other relatives within. This confinement has positive and negative effects as we saw during the day of the girl child as the negative effects resulted into defilement and violence against the girl child in some homes. Leaving aside all the negative effects, this lockdown has positively affected these confined people in a way that children have got to spend more time with their parents and love and appreciate them more because most of their time is spent at school while parents at work. Parents have also gotten the opportunity to know their children’s talents and what they like to do since most of their time is spent at their work places for example, me and my mother grew closer ever since this pandemic started because before it started, she was always buried in her work and we barely had time for each other. Negatively, there are parents who have arguments Infront of their children which mentally affects these children. The children can be really devastated to the extent that they would want to put all their anger on their friends which causes them to start bullying others. One of the other negative effects is about parents who yell and beat up their children because of something inappropriate they did, like, forgetting to do house chores or forgetting to study. This kind of violence can even lead the death of children. These negative effects can be curbed if parents try understanding their children and talk to them about something, they did wrong or give them a less violent way of punishment instead of inflicting pain on them. Parents should also try and solve arguments between them in a peaceful way to set an example for the children to learn how to solve arguments between them and their friends instead of promoting violence. This lockdown has also brought parents together with their children closer to God such as praying together as a family and reading the bible together as a family. This can help both parents and children grow spiritually. With all that said, all parents should love their children just as children should embrace their parents and this might be the only opportunity, we have during this time to do that Story by MURAYA JOSHUA SEETA HIGH SCHOOL 15 YEARS

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