Over 20 journalists have taken part in a training on a child friendly justice system courtesy of Uganda Child rights NGO Network (UCRNN) and High Sound for children (HSC). The training brought together journalists that report from court, crime reporters and those in the general field. This is also part of the program to build a network of journalists who are passionate and informed about reporting on children. UCRNN executive director, Damon Wamara says such trainings are meant to empower journalists with information on professional reporting on children and keeping them abreast with issues that concern them. “We want journalists who will not only always report on children but also protect them. We do emphasize child protection”. Damon Wamara told journalists. Speaking to journalists during the same training, Ms. Carol Bankusha a media consultant at freedom house noted that many children have ended up in remand centers that are overcrowded and not fit for children, but their stories have not been told. “We need to look beyond the physical state of children in contact with the law and look at their mental wellbeing. Once a child commits a crime, they are taken to remand homes which are crowded. Such children also need psycho-social support which is not provided, and all this is not reported by the media people”. She emphasized. Uganda has remand homes in Fort portal, Naguru, Kabale, Masindi, and Mbale. The executive Director High Sound for Children, Ms Patricia Osman, reechoed the need for stakeholders in the child rights advocacy agenda to work with the media in amplifying voices of children. Patricia also emphasized to journalists to always protect children including those in contact with the law as they tell their stories.

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