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Forceful Land Eviction: Children Hit Most

18 years ago, government through the national army stormed Kaweri village and evicted people after awarding the land on which they sat to an investor. Many people lost all their property while others lost children. The children that died did as a result of

Train Teachers At Early Childhood Level: Civil Society

High Sound for Children has called upon government to direct more efforts to ensuring trained teachers at the Pre-Primary level. Many teachers handling children at this level do not have proper training and this affects the children in future. The situation is

Girls Fear To Open Up: Parents And Teachers Not Approachable

Many girls cannot open up to the parents or teachers. This is because many are tough and cannot understand their reasons. These are some of the findings by High Sound for Children, during an interaction with teenage girls at Kingstone

Girl Child: Many Still Exposed

Members of Civil society organizations in the field of gender yesterday converged at Walukuba village in Jjinja district as celebrations to mark the day of the girl child. They first cleaned Walukuba market before Walukuba health center 4 maternity ward. Here, the in charge at the maternity ward, Ms Beatrice Amuge

Day Of The Girl Child: Government Pushes For Their Stay In Schools

Government pledges and encourages coordination with relevant ministries and the bureau of statistics to collect , analyze and use data adolescent girls to advocate for policies and programs that advance their well-being and realize their human rights.

Early Childhood Education - Uganda Still Lagging Behind

Early childhood care and education (ECCE) has been identified as a key strategy for the realization of children's rights. ECCE is included in the SDGs with target 4.2 stating that by 2030, countries should ensure that all girls and boys have access to

3 In 4 Young Adults Experience Violence During Childhood: Report

First ever National survey on violence against children in Uganda launched by government and partners. The survey shows that 3 in 4 young adults in Uganda have experienced some form of violence during childhood.

Water and sanitation project launched

A water, sanitation and hygiene in school programme (WASH) has been launched in Napak district in Karamoja. The programme aims to support districts in Karamoja deliver National Wash standards in all schools across the region.

State Of Children In Bududa: High Sound For Children Launches Fundraising Drive

High Sound for Children has launched a fundraising drive for the children in Bududa. This is after a team from the organization visited Bukalasi village that was hit by landslides leaving over 40 people dead.

Bududa Landslides: Children Worst Hit, Many Orphaned

Jessica Alobo is 75 years old and has lived all her life in Bukalasi village Bududa district. She has witnessed several landslides in her home area but the fresh one that hit on the 10th of October 2018 changed her life. Alobo lost her daughter who left