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Sexual violence widespread in schools-Parliament

The parliamentary committee investigating sexual violence in learning institutions has found out that sexual violence is widespread virtually in all institutions of learning visited.

Child rights organizations demand investigations in sexual abuse cases

Child rights organizations, women activists and individuals are demanding that government makes public results from investigations into cases of child abuse including that involving the Head Teacher of Kibuli secondary school.

Media urged to prioritize issues on children

Journalists have been urged to prioritize issues around children for social change Speaking at a panel discussion organized for the media and Civil society organizations, the country director Dwelling places, Damon Wamara said the media was lost in politics leaving many children issues not highlighted.

Human Trafficking worse than drug and arms trade-CSOs

The Executive Director Uganda Child Rights NGO Network Stella Ayo says Human trafficking surpasses drug and arms trade, involves high placed personalities and highly profitable and ten times worse than slave trade.

Wikipedia trains HSC team

Pictures of a training that HSC and Wikipedia conducted through the WikiMedia project on profiling women in Uganda.

Government Should Fast Track The Early Childhood Policy

Government has been advised to fast track the introduction of a new Early Child hood policy for quality education at this stage. The Education Act 2008 recognizes pre-primary education as the first level of education in Uganda and four programs that is to say day care centers, home based centers, community centers and Nursery Schools are recognized.

Girls trail boys in PLE: Government and Civil Society urged to tighten loose ends

Government has been tasked to investigate the continuous trailing of girls against boys in performance at all levels of education. This follows the release of the 2018 Primary leaving examinations showing a sharp disparity in the performance of girls against boys.

Improving Health Care for Women and Children: West Nile gets a boost

Nearly 20,000 children in West Nile will benefit from improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services, thanks to a grant from the Government of Iceland. The funding is targeting four health centers and seven schools with limited WASH facilities but provide services to numerous patients and learners, including both South Sudanese refugees and host communities.

Gender Based Violence: Young Girls Not Spared, Early Marriages On The Rise

Gender based violence continues to have a negative impact on children and families made of young people are likely to witness more violence. This is according to the statistics put together by the center for domestic violence prevention organization as it launched the 16 days of activism against gender based violence

Child Adoption: Mothers Speak Out

Many people in Uganda think adoption is western or for women who can’t have children but this is not true

Doreen (not real names) is a mother of four and two of her children are adopted. Her dream is to have 12 children and since she can’t have them biologically because of her busy schedule, she chose to adopt so as to have the big desired family.

Sharing Experiences-Adopting Parents Launch Association

Ugandan Parents who adopt children will now be able to meet and share experiences thanks to the formation of an association that brings them together. The Adopting parents of Uganda association has been launched for parents to exchange and also give an opportunity to their children to meet.

Conflicts And Children: Attaining Education For Those In Kyangwali Still Hard

Children in the Kyangwali refugee settlement are facing hardships in attain education. Some have to walk for up to five kilometers to attend classes in a single school catering for over 2000 children.