Human Trafficking worse than drug and arms trade-CSOs

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The Executive Director Uganda Child Rights NGO Network Stella Ayo says Human trafficking surpasses drug and arms trade, involves high placed personalities and highly profitable and ten times worse than slave trade. Speaking to journalists during a two days training, Stella Ayo says every minute there is a person falling victim to trafficking and concerted effort is need to address the problem.She says the problem is made worse by the lack of resources to finance the implementation of the Prevention of Trafficking persons act that was passed in 2009. Ayo says most of the trafficked people especially children are sent into commercial sex,forced labour or baby trade ( organ sale) among others.
Speaking at the same training, the country director, Dwelling places, Damon Wamara appealed to the media to contribute towards the fight against human trafficking by making public stories on the subject.He says the biggest number of children trafficked is from Eastern Uganda and Oot of the 15000 children trafficked in 2017, 3600 were from Karamoja.
Wamara says many people contribute to Human trafficking knowingly or unknowingly.