We are tortured and beaten by police- Children living on the Streets

Children living and working on the streets of Kampala have accused the police of beating them up as they arrest them. The Children were speaking at celebrations to mark the day of Children Living and working on the streets under the thee " Commit to equality". "Often times, police roughs us up and we don't know why they do that" Most children that spoke to High Sound for Children lamented. Most of the children had wounds on their bodies and received first aid and free hair cuts courtesy of Children at Risk Network (Crane). Many of the Children that High Sound for Children spoke to said they are ready to go back home and school. " I came from Amolatar due to beatings from my step mother, but now am tired i want to go back home and resume school" Teddy( Not real names) aged 10 years told our reporter. Speaking to the media at the celebrations, High Sound for Children Executive Director Ms Hadijah Mwanje questioned the methodology used by police in rescuing the children from the streets. "The children are supposed to run to the police for protection but this is not possible with the way the officer rough up the children, Police should change the methodology used while arresting the children so that their rights are not abused further. The day is marked every 12th of April 2019 but in Uganda, it is not recognized by government but child rights activists converge to speak about the plight of children living and working on the streets. Over 15,000 children live and work on streets with Mbale having the highest number of such children followed by Kampala.

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