Woman thrown out of her home with two children seeking help.

Angel (not real names) is currently living on the streets with her two children aged 4 months and 2 years. This is after she was abandoned by her husband who also threw her out of their home. The two years old baby has a wound on her leg and on inquiry, she tells us that the baby got burnt and has since been in and out of Hospital. “I live with my two children, sometimes I get help from well wishers who take away the big child (aged 2). I have moved and I am tired.”. She breaks down as she narrates her story. Angel had her first child 2 years ago but walked out of the relationship that was not working. She later got married to another man with whom they had a baby boy. Her crime is the baby resembling the sister. “My husband threw me out of our home after I gave birth to a child that resembles my first child. He said I was in touch with my first man and he threw me out” Angel told HSC amid tears. She has also been in and out of hospital because her first child got burnt and needs surgery. “What hurts me most is that my daughter is sick. I can struggle to look for where to sleep and food, but medical bills are so high for the treatment of my daughter. I feel overwhelmed” She cried out. Kawempe area councilor, Babirye says Angel reached out to them and they continue to reach out to different people and organizations that can help. “We also don’t have a lot to offer. She is so vulnerable living on the streets with two children, but we are also stuck on what to do. We continue to appeal to whoever can help to come to her rescue”. Babirye said. High Sound for Children has started a fundraising Drive to help the child get surgery. You can contribute through Mobile money Numbers 0776997923/ 0750424342. You can also send your contribution via Centenary Bank AC: 3100059731 in the names of High Sound for Children.

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