The ministry of education is to use electronic media to reach out to children as the country continues to battle COVID 19. In her address to the nation, education minister and first lady Janat Museveni said as the ministry continues to observe the situation, they are drafting means of reaching out to more children and ensuring that they continue to study even at home. “We have harmonized learning packages that will be used in televised lessons and those on Radio and this has started today April 20th”. The first Lady said. She also said guidelines to be followed by teachers in relaying the lessons to the learners. Mrs. Janat Museveni also said the process to have printed reading materials to children at home has been finalized and soon children who cannot access Television, Radio and internet will receive the materials at home. “The materials will be handed over to the district leaders led by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) who will move them down to the sub county leaders, and later to local council offices that will distribute the materials to children in homes. Our target is to reach out to the children”. She added. She however encouraged parents to continue teaching and engaging children from pre-primary to Primary three through play, reading, writing and riddles. Mrs. Museveni says the ministry will continue to observe the situation as the implementation of the lock-down continues before making a decision on re-opening of schools. The ministry had earlier said that schools will reopen on the 27th- of April 2020 but this is impossible after the extension of the lock-down for 21 days.

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