Journalists across the East Africa region have formed a Network that reports on Children. The network will bring together journalists from East Africa and other neighboring countries to ensure that children are safeguarded as their stories are told. “We want to ensure that the “do no harm principle” is implemented for the best interest of the child and to do this, we need a team of journalists that is well trained on how to report on children.” Said Jennifer Kaberi from Mtoto News in Kenya. This started with a 3 days training organized by the East African Child Rights Network based in Kenya and Dwelling places based in Uganda for journalists from Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. The training focused on reporting cases of Child trafficking and how the media can professionally tell the stories. “We have started with this small team but we are looking forward to having more journalists on board as we continue with the trainings. In January we shall have the training for editors in Uganda”. The country Director of Dwelling places Mr. Damon Wamara said during the meeting in Nairobi. The network will also help in building collaborations on stories that cut across the East African region. “There are stories that cannot be executed by journalists in those particular countries due to security issues and logistics, but when we have this network, we can coordinate and have the story done comprehensively by members of the network”. Ms Jennifer Kaberi emphasized. The network’s head office will be in Kenya and in Uganda; the network will be hosted by High Sound for Children. HSC Executive Director, Ms Hadijah Mwanje says this is a great step towards pushing the children’s agenda. “This is great news. We are eliminating the boundaries in telling stories of children in the East African region. Journalists from different countries will also be able to learn from one another.” She said.

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