By Joshua Muraya Kamina Education is a right for all children in the world. This right helps children to mentally develop and prepare them face challenges that will come their way in their daily lives. Most of the children being educated are physically fit and not disabled while some children with disabilities are deprived of this right by either some schools or their parents because of their special needs. There are various ways introduced by the government and more ways to help these children get the education they deserve without being discriminated in their community. Education also gives children with disabilities skills to allow them become positive role models and join the employment market, thereby helping them fight poverty. Children with disabilities often face challenges like discrimination, lack of access to education facilities, no protection against violence and abuse and many others which may stop them from continuing with their education. In Uganda, there are very few specialised schools where disabled children can study and in schools with able bodied children, those with special needs are not fully attended to and the facilities and facilitators for these children are not common. For instance there are not many special needs teachers. An environment where the children can navigate easily around the school in case they have physical disabilities and many other disadvantages disabled children face. But each of us can do something from wherever we are. I will start with parents; Yes! Parents can help these disabled children by praising them for trying hard and being resilient, both in and out of school to boost their confidence. They should also show their children that they have the skills and abilities already to achieve their goals in life to keep them engaged in schools. Schools should also consider those disabled children and provide facilities for them such as classrooms for some special needs learners like the deaf and to also encourage teachers of these children to be supportive and involved in these children’s education at all times…not just some times and at some levels but at all levels. For the case of my country Uganda, the government can also help these children by building more schools specifically for special needs children, but also train more teachers to work in these facilities. Also, to encourage more young people to join this branch of teacher training course, government must consider raising their salaries. As we commemorate the International day of education, this is what I can I say…that working together we can achieve this goal of helping children with disabilities feel comfortable in various education communities and also be supportive of them to help them have a bright future. This way no one shall be left behind and achieve the UN sustainable development goals.

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