Day Of The Girl Child: Government Pushes For Their Stay In Schools

Government pledges and encourages coordination with relevant ministries and the bureau of statistics to collect , analyze and use data adolescent girls to advocate for policies and programs that advance their well-being and realize their human rights.

Government also urges stakeholders to keep adolescent girls free from violence and harmful practices, prevent and protect girls from all forms of gender based violence and harmful practices including child marriages and FGM, abuse and exploitation and ensure girls abused receive prompt protection and access justice. In a statement released by the commissioner children affairs at the ministry of Gender, labour and social development, Mondo Kyateeka says that when adolescent girls are empowered, it benefits all.

“Empowered girls grow into empowered women who can care better for themselves and families, increase their income potential, serve as active and equal citizens and change agents and also spur economic growth”. He said.

Kyateeka says skilling adolescent girls is the best investment to break intergenerational poverty and improve the status of Uganda's adolescents that live in poverty. He adds that girls who stay in school, marry later and delay child bearing often have healthier children, are able to earn better incomes that benefit themselves, their families, the community and the Nation. The reverse is true for girls that never get an opportunity to finish school. The statement coincides with celebrations to mark the day of the girl child under the theme, with her, a skilled workforce.

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