Children under the High Sound for Children Media club are calling upon government and all partners to pay more attention to protecting the girl child. The children also want perpetrators of sexual violence brought to book. Addressing journalists in Kampala, the children decried the increasing numbers of violations against the girl child especially during the COVID times. This comes amid a report from the UNFPA showing that 6888 girls were abused between January and June 2020. and bringing the perpetrators to book to put an end to this abuse. We also call upon fellow children to speak out whenever they are abused even by those close to you. Please find someone to confide in. “This time round, the girl child is more threatened than ever before. According to police reports, in Kitgum, Ngora, Kyegegwa, Kasese and Lyantonde districts alone, over 2,372 teenage pregnancies have been reported’ Said Stacy Achen aged 13 who read the statement on behalf of the media club members. Achen said many perpetrators continue to walk scot free leaving the girls victims in situations of being breadwinners of their uncertain young families. Noreen Fatima aged 16 says parents have failed to take on their full responsibility of looking after their children exposing them to danger. She also expressed concern over the increasing numbers of children working on city streets especially during COVID lockdown. “Children are not supposed to work because it’s here that they get exposed to danger. Parents should take on their responsibility” She emphasized. Speaking at the same meeting that also attracted boy children, Joshua Muraya and Daniel Kiisa both aged 15 appealed to men to always support girls and women because they need their support. “If men respected girls and women, we wouldn’t be having any problems. Treat the girls you see like your sisters, mothers or daughters, they need our support.”. They said. Uganda joined the rest of the world to mark the day of the Girl child under the theme: My Voice, our equal future. High Sound for Children through the media clubs in school program empowers children to speak out through writing, debates and taking part in Televised shows.

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