The Ministry of Education and Sports has instructed all primary and secondary schools to allow finalists who are pregnant to return to school to complete their education levels Finalists are expected to return to school in two weeks to prepare to sit national examinations next year. However, there are reports from different parts of the country showing a surge of sexual violence against school-going children during the six months of schools’ closure. Statistics obtained from Uganda Police indicate that over 21,000 cases of violence against children were registered over a period of five months between March and July 2020. Many of these children are reportedly pregnant. While the government has a policy that allows pregnant learners to continue with their studies after delivering, in the past, schools have been quick to chase learners who are discovered to be pregnant. Now policymakers say that schools must allow finalists to continue learning even if they are expecting. Cleophas Mugenyi, the commissioner for basic education at the ministry of education says the girls need to be given a chance to continue with school. “We have all been in unprecedented times and we need to take that into account. We have asked all schools to allow all finalists no matter the state they are in to report to schools,” he said.

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