The Daily Monitor carried a story entitled “Boy aged nine marries six year-old in Buyende”. In the story, the parents of the two minors assented to the traditional union and so is the community. As High Sound for Children, we regard this as gross abuse of the rights of children and call upon all the relevant authorities to arrest and prosecute the parents of the two children. This act is unacceptable and violates the basic rights of a child. Both children are supposed to be in school and not exposed to such. As Child rights activists, we are taking up the matter to ascertain, 1. Why the police did not stop the union? 2. Why the parents of the two children were not arrested? 3. How the local authorities could take part in such an illegality. We reiterate our stand to ensure every child is protected against any form of abuse and will pursue this to the end together with other stakeholders.

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