High Sound for Children has partnered with the Uganda Child Rights NGO Network and Dwelling places to reach out to news editors for increased visibility of issues on children and child protection. This is a follow up to earlier training sessions for reporters about the same. The interactions are meant to ensure that as gate keepers, editors stop the broadcast and publication of information that exposes children to harm or ridicule. The Executive Director High Sound for Children, Ms Hadijah Mwanje says the interactions will also help bridge the gap between the organizations and the media. “This is something that we started after meeting different organizations in the child rights movement. So as High Sound, we provide the platform for the activists to speak to the editors. We are doing this through our ambassadors at editorial level”. Ms Mwanje said. The executive Director Uganda Child Rights NGO Network, Mrs. Stella Ayo Odong says there is need for the media to understand the basic principles of reporting on children in relation to the UN convention on the rights of children. “We have trained media but time and again, you see stories exposing children so we said this time let’s focus at the gate keepers, the Editors and we hope to see a change in how things are done”. Country Director, Dwelling places, Mr. Daimon Wamara said many children specifically those living on streets have been exposed time and again and this is an opportunity to reach out to the media.

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