Child Rights Activists Meet- HSC Tips players on the role of media in advancing the cause.

Child rights activists under the NGO Forum, an umbrella organization for all Non Governmental Organizations in Uganda have pledged concerted efforts in advancing the Children’s agenda. In a meeting to review a one year programme meant to strengthen Child Rights Advocacy in Uganda, the organizations observed that there is need for more capacity building for the organizations involved and media involvement in advocacy project for a wider coverage. Speaking at the meeting, Board Chairperson, High Sound for Children, Mr. Ben Jumbe noted that there is need for players in the struggle to work with the media in ensuring that issues around children are visible. “HSC closely works with the media to ensure that there is increased visibility of stories on children and also to ensure that the children are not exposed in the course of this, such projects need the involvement of the media so they can reach a wider audience”. Mr. Jumbe said. He said it was good that journalists had been trained during the programme but would have been done to ensure the media is involved all through the campaign. The Executive Director NGO forum, Mr. Richard Ssewakiryanga said they were impressed with the one year programme funded by UNICEF but prayed that it is extended for increased impact which all players agreed to. The project running under the theme, Financing for Child Rights programming in Uganda is meant to create a movement that will ensure that there is increased financing to the Child Rights agenda. Officiating at the meeting, the commissioner Children and Youths at the ministry of Gender, Mr. Mondo Kyateka said government didn’t have enough funds to support the cause fully hence the need for partnerships with civil society and the private sector.

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