Sexual violence widespread in schools-Parliament

The parliamentary committee investigating sexual violence in learning institutions has found out that sexual violence is widespread virtually in all institutions of learning visited. However, the actual prevalence of the vice in the country is difficult to determine as many of the cases are never reported. 3970 percent of the respondents interviewed from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions said that they had personally experienced some form of sexual violence or harassment or knew of classmates and peers who had experienced it. The investigation followed a complaint raised by Youth MP, Anne Adeke on the floor of parliament about the continuous cases of harassment at Makerere University. Civil society organizations also petitioned parliament last year demanding investigations into reported sexual abuse by Former Kibuli head teacher on his students. In the report, the investigating committee recommended that ministry of Education and sports formalizes the collection of data on sexual violence in institutions of learning. Members believe that data should focus on the extent and the various forms of sexual violence, the drivers and consequences of the Vice, and should dis-aggregate both victims and perpetrators of violence by age, position and sex. “The data should be validated, consolidated and published by the Ministry of Education and sports on an annual basis, update Parliament on the scale and magnitude of sexual violence in institutions of learning in the country and actions taken to mitigate the vice”. The report reads in part. The Committee established that sexual violence in institutions of learning manifests in various forms including defilement, rape, verbal and non-verbal sexual harassment and perpetuated majorly by male teachers

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