Child rights organizations demand investigations in sexual abuse cases

Child rights organizations, women activists and individuals are demanding that government makes public results from investigations into cases of child abuse including that involving the Head Teacher of Kibuli secondary school. At a joint press conference, the organizations said that the Children Act makes it mandatory for teachers to report any matter that violates the wellbeing of children under their charge but instead teachers are harassing students and pupils. The organizations are demanding that the Ministry of Education and Sports makes public its basis and justification for reinstating the alleged former head Teacher of Kibuli Secondary School into service so the public could get a clearer picture and give confidence to children to always report cases of sexual harassment. Addressing the media, the executive director Raising voices, Dolphin Mugisha said cases of sexual abuse are on the increase in schools and the ministry is not prioritizing the matter. Mugisha proposed that the Ministry creates a register for all teachers found guilty of sexual violence and issues a circular to all schools in the country reaffirming its commitment to zero Tolerance of sexual harassment. Speaking at the same conference, the executive Director High Sound for Children, Hadijah Mwanje said the ministry should strengthen its inspecting arm if it is to get the true picture of whats happening in schools. “The ministry does not do constant inspection in schools, if a school head teacher could abuse a child in Kampala where children are a little enlightened, what will happen in Mbale with a ministry that does not do constant inspection?” Hadijah Mwanje wondered. The organizations promised to continue working on the matter to conclusion.

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