Media urged to prioritize issues on children

Journalists have been urged to prioritize issues around children for social change Speaking at a panel discussion organized for the media and Civil society organizations, the country director Dwelling places, Damon Wamara said the media was lost in politics leaving many children issues not highlighted. He appealed to the media to always think of stories on children so that their voices are also heard. Speaking during the same discussion, the executive director Uganda Youth Development Link, Rogers Kasirye said many media practitioners are desperate and living on hand outs hence preferring to cover stories where the money is.
In response to the question on why issues of children are not heard, the executive Director High Sound for Children, Hadijah Mwanje said there was no readily available information yet civil society organizations are doing a lot to improve the well being of children. She however alluded to the fact that the media in Uganda is highly commercialized with too much pressure put on reporters thus compromising on quality. Both civil society organizations and the media agreed on working together to have more visibility of children issues in the media.

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