High Sound for Children has rolled out a campaign to fundraise for the medical treatment of a 2-year-old girl who got burnt. Esther got burnt with hot water a year back and has since been in and out of hospital. “She got burnt by hot water and we were admitted at Komambogo health center where we received treatment and later discharged after 2 weeks.” Says Claire, Esther’s mother. For Claire, the pain was over until she noticed one morning that the wound was rotting. “I didn’t realize that my daughter was rotting until I looked closely at the wound because she was playing normally. She would run around like any other child and it never crossed my mind that she was rotting away”. She adds. Its at this point that she started looking out for support because she did not have money then and had just been thrown out by her husband. “I was stuck on what to do because I didn’t even have where to stay. I was staying at a friend’s home. I started looking for people to help until I was advised to go to CORSU”. Here Claire was asked to pay 2,5000,000 Ugandan shillings but after pleading, the hospital accepted to do the first surgery on her daughter’s foot at 500,000 Ugandan Shillings. “This was relief. I did not have any single coin but at least I knew the fee was fair. I started reaching out to whoever I knew, and it is here that I met Ms. Hadijah Mwanje, the executive Director High Sound for Children. I worked with her to look for the money and the first surgery was done.” Esther’s surgery was a success but a wire that was left inside has started developing pus and another surgery is needed to remove the wire after which physiotherapy will be done to have her foot back in shape. Its upon this background that High Sound for Children is rolling out a campaign to support the process to have Esther get surgery and physiotherapy. “When I met Esther, I thought it would be easy but there is more that require more support and we call upon anyone who can contribute to Esther’s treatment to help”. Said Hadijah Mwanje, the executive Director High Sound for Children. You can Contribute to the cause through Mobile money numbers, 0776997923 in the names of Hadijah Mwanje or 0750424342 in the names of Patricia Osman. You can make your contribution through Centenary Bank AC: 3100059731 in the names of High Sound for Children. Ends.

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