Suspected Child molester sent back to Luzira

Bernhard Glaser, the suspected German Pedophile and director of the Psycho Social Humanitarian Center at Mwena Landing site in Kalangala town council has opted for plea bargaining. Glaser is battling charges of defilement and trafficking young girls in Kalangala district. He was picked up in March this year and arraigned before Masaka High court in April. Although he pleaded not guilty to the charges, Glaser has now opted for plea bargaining through his lawyer, Evan Ochieng. Under plea bargaining, the suspect pleads guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a lenient sentence. In a letter to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, Glaser’s lawyer note that “what is clear is that a full trial of this case will visit far reaching grave consequences on many individuals including public officials/offices, the community in Kalangala, the client and the children involved. The letter further indicates that the long suffering individuals involved in this case need not to be taken through the rigors of a full adversarial public trial. The lawyers plead with DPP to amend the indictment to an agreeable and lesser offense, adding that their client is ready to plead guilty and be deported. Glaser is currently on remand in Luzira prison.

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