UN passes resolution on Children without parental care

The United Nations general assembly has passed a resolution on children without parental care and alternative care. The resolution will be informed by the report of the secretary-general on the same topic prepared by UNICEF with the help of member states. The resolution and the report of the secretary-general offer an important opportunity to place children without parental care on the global agenda and review progress made in preventing unnecessary family child separation and providing. The key areas under the resolution include recognizing and prioritizing the role of families, supporting families and preventing unnecessary separation, protecting children without parental care and ensuring appropriate alternative care, recognize the harm of institutional care for children and prevent institutionalization and strengthening child welfare and protection systems. Others include ensuring adequate financial and human resources, improve data collection and regular reporting and ensuring full participation of children without parental or family care. According to UNICEF, about Eight million Ugandan Children are in foster homes. Child I Foundation, a child rights organization is one of those organizations that has been pushing for alternative care and insists the family is the best place for a child. The organization has signed agreements with different orphanages in Mpigi, Makindye and Tororo to return children to safe and loving homes.

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