Disabled girl defies the odds through school- She attributes it to love

Lilian Nalugole was born in 1998 with one leg. Her parents kept her home where she would crawl around the house until five years when she acquired clutches. It’s here that she remembers her childhood days. “By the time I started understanding, I had clutches and I noticed I was not like other children, I was lame”. She says. She was five years then but she never looked back, she would play like a normal child and loiter the village-like others. “I loved playing, I still remember us playing hide and seek and they could identify me by my clutches, up to now, if you want to tress for me in Nansana where we reside, you talk about the lame girl”. A visibly happy Lilian said in an interview with High Sound for Children. Lilian says her parents were very loving and supportive and she has never felt discriminated at home, instead she gets favours despite the fact that she can do everything by herself. “What is interesting is that everywhere I go, people feel sorry for me and want to help but I can do everything myself including mopping, washing clothes and dishes. I enjoy that and I don’t decline when they come to help”. She jokes. She has been attending boarding schools since P4 when the Uganda Society for Disabled Children started paying half of her school fees. Today, Lilian is pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration at Multitec and believes she is able to do everything. He message to the girls as Uganda joins the rest of the World to Mark the international day of the Girl Child, Lilian advises girls to be confident, love themselves and trust in God that all is possible. “I personally used to feel bad when I saw other children with two legs but I told myself, God has a reason for creating me in a unique way and I have never looked back, I trust in him and confident that I can do everything. Like the theme, Girl Force, Unscripted, unstoppable, Lilian has been unstoppable.

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