We are unstoppable- Girl Children Speak out

As the World marks the day of the girl child, High Sound for Children (HSC) today connected with Girl Children at Bright Way School in Bulenga. The day is celebrated under the theme: Girl Force, Unscripted, and Unstoppable. In an interaction with HSC staff, the children say the problem of gender inequality starts at home when parents assign roles at home unfairly. “At my home, my mum treats my brother as a baby all the time, she tells me to wash his underwear and when I complain, she says he is young, even when I beat him for being stubborn, my mum complains…” Melissa told HSC. However, the girls believe they can do anything like the boys. “Girls can do anything, even becoming presidents….these days women have big businesses…the children answered in chorus after asked if they know what “Girls can” means”. They, however, believe there is a need to support them gain the confidence to claim their space.

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